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The mediator's area of responsibility

The area of responsibility of the ENGIE Group’s Mediator includes alternative dispute resolution of anyone having dealings with the ENGIE Group and its entities and subsidiaries, for all types of energy or services:

The customers concerned may be individuals, companies, local authorities, institutions, public departments, landlords, co-owner associations, etc.

The Mediator’s remit covers all the business lines of the Group and its subsidiaries:

including energy efficiency services, services offered in connection with own consumption, facility management (services provided for business and local authority customers for their own use and that of their customers in various areas, which are not always directly connected to energy – the cleaning of premises, minor repairs, etc.),

For instance he acts as Mediator:

  • For the domestic customers of entities that sell energy contracts,
  • Energy service providers: energy renovation works, renewable energies, home renovations, own consumption services, domestic heating and hot water production equipment maintenance contracts, etc.

List of group companies that have chosen the ENGIE group’s Mediator

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As Mediator for Consumer Affairs in the field of energy, ENGIE’s Mediator meets the criteria of the order of 21 August 2015 as transposed in the Consumption Code:

  • referral to the Mediator is free of charge for the claimant: the Mediator does not invoice his dispute processing action,
  • he processes disputes and the conclusions he offers to resolve them in the strictest confidence,
  • he fulfils his remit with due care and competence, with complete independence and impartiality, within the framework of a transparent, effective and fair procedure.

ENGIE Group Entities concerned by the Mediation Service

When appointed in July 2014, the Mediator defined a plan to develop alternative dispute resolution within all subsidiaries and divisions, especially through the ENGIE Group’s Mediation service.

He pursued that plan in 2015.

The Mediator has prioritised the following actions:

  • companies with residential customers in France:

following the incorporation of the ADR Directive into French law (Regulation of 20 August 2015), it is essential for the Group that all its subsidiaries and divisions with residential customers strictly comply with the Regulation’s requirements and inform their customers about their complaints handling process and their mediator. Most of them have chosen the ENGIE Group’s Mediator. Others have chosen another approved mediator in line with their business activities. All entities must comply with the Regulation no later than 1 January 2016, unless their branch of industry has yet to establish a sector-specific mediator..

  • companies with residential customers in Europe:

for the same reasons as in France, the ENGIE Group insists that its subsidiaries conform to the ADR Directive and its local version in all countries in which the Group is active: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Romania. For most of the subsidiaries, the ENGIE Group’s Mediator provides management with functional support for implementing an alternative dispute resolution process and the choice of mediator (when local legislation offers several alternatives). The other companies in France (with B2B customers: businesses, local authorities, local government, etc.): the ENGIE Group is convinced that alternative dispute resolution is the best solution for settling disputes. That is why the Mediator promotes the use of mediation among all entity directors to assist them with transforming their methods and choosing a mediation system; in most cases, the Group’s companies choose the ENGIE Group’s Mediator.

  • the other companies in Europe and the rest of the world:

the Mediator also provides functional support to managers of those companies when changing model (systematic use of legal action when the company and its customer or supplier fail to reach an amicable solution) and when implementing and developing dispute resolution and proposing a mediator. In most cases, it is not appropriate for the ENGIE Group’s Mediator to provide mediation services directly in these areas, so local mediators are therefore prioritised. The Mediator may nevertheless provide functional support on a case-by-case basis.