Who is the ENGIE Group’s Ombudsman?

Jean-Pierre Hervé has been the ENGIE Group’s Ombudsman since 1st July 2014.

He is an expert in the energy industry (after working for thirty or so years in the EDF and ENGIE Groups) and in the stakeholders’ expectations: among other things, he was the preferred contact for consumer organizations when he was the director of external relations of the “ENGIE Particuliers” BU.

He was first appointed Ombudsman by the Group’s former Chairman and CEO, with the approval of the consumer organizations.

Subsequently, further to the publication of the decree on the approval of company ombudsmen, he was confirmed by a joint commission (representatives of the ENGIE Group and representatives of consumer organizations) on 11 December 2015.

He was then approved by the Consumer Mediation Assessment and Control Commission on 26 February 2016.