The Mediator and his team

Équipe de la Médiation

The Mediator, Jean-Pierre Hervé was appointed by ENGIE Group’s Senior Management on 1st July 2014. In accordance with the order of 21 August 2015, his appointment was unanimously confirmed by the members of a joint appointment body (consumer organizations and members of the Group) that convened on 11 December 2015. Also in accordance with the Consumer Code, his 5-year term is renewable. His term of office is unrelated to Group developments, management changes if any, and the outcomes of his work. Furthermore, he is forbidden from working again for any ENGIE Group companies when his term of office ends


He is approved as Consumer Mediator by the Mediation Assessment and Control Commission (CECM in French) and is on the European list of consumption mediators.
Given the Mediator’s career path, he has considerable experience in the energy industry and in relations with stakeholders. Furthermore, to maintain his skills at the highest level, he regularly attends training courses on mediation, consumer law, the expectations of consumer… Most of these training courses are organized by the Club of Mediators.

Consult the Mediator’s training courses: IGPDE course on the fundamentals of Mediation, Law and Mediation course, Consumption Mediation course (January 2016).

The Mediator has a multidisciplinary team made up of approximately ten people to deal with the requests and disputes received: individuals with customer relations experience or legal knowledge, particularly consumer law…

This team reports directly to him and works exclusively and full-time for the Mediation service.

The Mediator also ensures that his team has and maintains the requisite skills. Certain members of the team, depending on their past career, have completed the same mediation training course as him, provided by the Club of Mediators. Special courses are also organized and run solely for the team: consumer expectations in May 2015 and February 2017, conflict management soon….

The Mediator also regularly runs courses on Consumption Mediation, notably for FENAMEF (national federation of mediation and family spaces):

The Mediator also lectures in French law faculties and in Consumption Mediation training courses for Law Masters II students. In 2017, the Mediator notably gave lectures at the faculties of Le Mans, Dijon and Nantes.