ENGIE Group’s Mediation

Regulatory framework of the ENGIE Group’s Mediation team

The ENGIE Group’s Mediation team is governed by several legal and regulatory texts and particularly by the French Consumer Code. Within that framework it applies the rules provided for in this respect.

Within the French Consumer Code, the articles that describe the rules to be respected by the mediators follow on from an order signed on 20 August 2015 and published in the Journal Officiel. Mediators who comply with these rules are referred to as “consumption mediators” when they have received “accreditation” from the CECMC (Consumer Mediation Assessment and Control Commission), which is the case of the ENGIE Group’s Mediator.

European Dispute Resolution Platform

The ADR Directive stipulates that the European Commission, besides the list of accredited mediators, should make the following available to consumers:

  • an informative site on alternative dispute resolution: this site is operational,
  • a platform on which any consumer not having directly found the mediator they are looking for, could file their request with the supplier via this portal: it has also been operational since 15 February 2016.

Mediation website

The Secretary of State in charge of Commerce, Trades, Consumer Affairs and Social and Concerted Economy also put a platform for consumers online on 17 February 2016.

It gives them free access to the information they need to exercise their right to mediation. It also features the list of approved consumption mediators in France, by industry segment. It is accessible via this link.

As a consumption mediator in the field of energy, the ENGIE Mediator complies with the criteria of the order of 21 August 2015:

  • recourse to the Mediator is free for the complainant: the Mediator does not charge for his handling of the dispute,
  • he respects strict confidentiality in the handling of disputes and in the conclusions that he offers to resolve them,
  • he carries out his mission with diligence and expertise, in a fully independent and impartial manner, as part of a procedure which is transparent, effective and fair.

He is thus listed on this platform.