Result of mediations

The results of the satisfaction survey

Your response to the satisfaction survey permits:

Feedback on your experience of engie group's mediation, which contributes to the improvement of its processes,

An indicator of your degree of satisfaction following the mediator's action.

A monitoring tool to ensure implementation of the solution to your dispute by the entities concerned by it.

Survey 1

When? As soon as the request is eligible.

Why? To determine your state of mind and your expectations regarding mediation.

Survey 2

When? At the end of the mediation, once your agreement to the proposed solution has been obtained.

Why? To gauge your satisfaction following the Mediator’s intervention and the solution he has found in your dispute with ENGIE.

Survey 3

When? At the end of the mediation process, once implementation of the solution has been completed.

Why? To more precisely gauge the dissatisfaction or discontent encountered during the dispute (processing time, professionalism of the mediation officer, the proposed solution, etc.). If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the mediation, you are informed of the possible remedies.

In 2019, the ENGIE Group’s Mediation figures were as follows:

74% of complainants recommended the ENGIE Group’s Mediator for his independence and impartiality,

86% were satisfied with the Mediator’s work,

97% of complainants were consumers.

In 2019, the ENGIE Group’s Mediation figures were as follows:

90% of proposed solutions were accepted and implemented by the parties,

+33% rise in mediation cases compared to 2016,

38% of requests for mediation were made online.