the eight values of the engie groups mediation process

The 8 values of Medition

1 – A sympathetic ear

Balanced, available, and personalized. Each case is a special case. The Mediator takes into consideration the circumstances of each person.
If necessary he restores the balance between the parties and endeavours to discern their real issues and expectations.

2 – Scrupulous respect for individuals

without bias or judgement

3 – Willingness to identify amicable solutions

Not hesitating to draw on the creativity of each party.

3 – Fairness

A rule or practice, even when correctly applied, may be seen as unfair in certain human situations.

Poignée de mains

5 – Impartiality

The Mediator never takes sides.

6 – Due hearing of all parties

The Mediator ensures that each of the parties has an opportunity to express their opinion to the other party.

7 – Confidentiality

The contents of the case file and the facts remain anonymous.

8 – Accountability

An annual assessment of the Mediator’s work is presented in a report available to everyone.