The eight values of the engie groups mediation process

Accessibility, listening and the empowerment of the parties are the strengths of the ENGIE Group Consumer Mediation process. On a daily basis, the teams embody eight key values at all times.

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The independence of the Ombudsman is guaranteed by law, by a State commission, by compliance with legislative criteria, and through an independence of spirit. In this way, status and posture complement each other.

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The content of the case (the Ombudsman’s observations, the statements collected and the solutions proposed) remains confidential.

Icone justice


The Ombudsman does not take sides.

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Balanced, accessible and personalised. The Ombudsman takes into consideration the circumstances of each person. If necessary, he restores the required balance between the parties in the dispute and endeavour to discern the real issues and expectations.

Icone justice


A rule or practice, even when correctly applied, may be unfair, or even unbearable, in certain cases. Fairness strives for what is just.


An annual assessment of the Ombudsman’s work is presented in a report required by law and made available to all, including on its independent website.

Icone neutralité


The Ombudsman ensures that each of the parties has an opportunity to express their opinion to the other party. The Mediation team is not involved in the claimant’s dispute until the solution is proposed.


This notion takes two forms: scrupulous respect for individuals, without any preconceptions or judgements, and giving a hearing to all parties in the agreement.

The Ombudsman ensures that each of the parties has an opportunity to express their opinion to the other party. The Mediation team examines all the requests it receives and handles them according to their nature.
After assessing whether they qualify for mediation and are admissible, these referrals are:

  • if they are inadmissible by law, passed on to the Group’s relevant departments to be processed, unless the claimant disagrees;
  • if they are admissible, as a last form of amicable resolution, they are handled by the Mediation team. In that case, the Mediation
    team personally contacts the claimant. In an initial telephone contact with the customer, “the 8 values of Mediation” are presented to
    the claimant. Particular attention is also paid to their expectations. After an in-depth examination of the case, incorporating both
    lawfulness and fairness, a personalised solution is ultimately proposed to the claimant, verbally and then in writing.