Recommendation 3 of the 2017 Annual Report

Recommendation 3: “Inform the customer about the new amount of their monthly payment after they have terminated an energy supply in their dual contract (gas + electricity)”

1. Customer observation

The complainant challenged the balance which was due to its energy supplier, ENGIE. Unhappy with the management of her contract, she indicated to the Mediation team her wish to terminate her natural gas contract but keep the electricity contract for the moment, which would impact the amount of the monthly payment to come. The complainant said she would get her bank to block payment of the amount of the initial monthly payment (gas + electricity).

2. Mediation solution

After analysis of the file, the Mediation team confirmed the balance due by the complainant to ENGIE. The termination of the natural gas portion led to a change in the amount of the monthly payment. The Mediation team noted that no oral or written information was given, at that time, by ENGIE to the complainant regarding the amount that would be charged for the new monthly payment (electricity contract remaining with ENGIE).

3. Generic observation

In the event of termination of a gas or electricity part of a dual contract, the procedure in force at ENGIE imposes no requirement to inform the customer in writing or orally of the amount of their new monthly payment. The monthly payment plan is not reissued after partial cancellation of a dual contract.

4. Recommendation / generic solution

In the event of termination of one energy supply in a dual offer, ENGIE must communicate to the customer, in writing, the new monthly payment plan put in place.