Recommendation 3 of the 2015 Annual Report

Recommendation 3: “Reduce ENEDIS’s (ex-ERDF) response time in the mediation process”

1- Observation

During the mediation process involving distributor ENEDIS (ex-ERDF), a request for facts is sent to it to allow the complainant’s case to be examined. It is only when the facts are received that the case can be examined, along with facts sent by the customer. ERDF’s observed response time for this type of case is 30 to 40 days. In certain cases, the response is incomplete and does not fully explain the root cause of the problem and the parties’ respective responsibilities. Such situations nearly always require one or more follow-up questions, whereas the ENGIE Group’s mediation service undertakes to respond within 2 months of the referral of the complainant’s case.

2- Recommendation

Further to a discussion on 15 February 2016, the ENGIE Group’s mediation service and ENEDIS (ex-ERDF) proposed launching an improvement process to better present issues to the distributor and to alert it if the quality of its responses was unsatisfactory.

3- Addressee

ENEDIS (former-ERDF)

4- Reason

Complaint follow-up