Recommendation 2 of the 2017 Annual Report

Recommendation 2: “Indicate the off-peak hours/peak hours switchover on the electricity bill”

1. Observation

The complainant failed to understand the billing and the volume of his electricity consumption for the dwelling he occupies.

2. Mediation solution

After analysis of the request and discussions with the complainant, the Mediation team found that the housing was energy intensive because it was very poorly insulated. No anomaly was found in the reading for electricity consumption or in its billing.

However, the Mediation team found that important information was missing from the complainant’s electricity bills: off-peak hours/peak hours switchover times.

This information would have allowed the complainant to save on his energy bill by using or programming his electrical appliances during the cheaper time periods (off-peak hours).
Finally, the Mediation team told him that it was possible to control his energy consumption by adopting simple habits in every room of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, the living room to the bedroom.

3. Generic observation

Happ’e does not systematically indicate the off-peak hours/peak hours switchover times on its electricity bills. The bills should therefore be modified accordingly to make them easier to understand for complainants.

4. Recommendation / generic solution

The energy bill must show, in a legible manner, the commercial name of the offer subscribed to as well as any options and hourly differentiations as specified by the decree of 18 April 2012 relating to energy supply bills.