Recommendation 18 of the 2015 Annual Report

Recommendation 18: “Take appropriate commercial measures if the automated meter reading service fails for the FideloConso offer”

1- Observation

The automated meter reading service can no longer work if the meters, the property of ENGIE–FideloConso, have been changed on the initiative of the landlord or managing agent without regard to their contractual obligations. In such cases, operator Ecometering is unable to read meters remotely; so the bills issued are based on estimated readings of the old meters. You will recall that the principle of this offer is to be billed on the basis of actual meter readings. Occupants dispute this situation that on no account meets the initial objective of the FideloConso offer.

2- Recommendation

ENGIE E&C must regularize the situation either by restoring the automated meter reading service by installing appropriate meters at the expense of the landlord or managing agent, or by cancelling the FideloConso contract with the landlord or managing agent on the grounds that the service can no longer be provided.

3- Addressees


4- Reason

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