Recommendation 17 of the 2015 Annual Report

Recommendation 17: “Develop consumer adviser alert tools in cases where FideloConso and Vertuoz Habitat bills are issued irregularly”

1- Observation

FideloConso or Vertuoz Habitat customer bills are not always issued at regular intervals (normally they should be bimonthly). This may be due to a variety of reasons: technical difficulties in reading the meters of certain homes, customers doing something wrong (when moving in for instance), or malfunctions of the billing software. Furthermore, a problem in a single flat can block billing for all the flats in the building.

2- Recommendation

To meet the contractual obligation of the offer (regular billing), the supplier must consolidate its customer billing process by ensuring that more reliable information is exchanged between two billing operators (TEKSIAL and ECOMETRING) and by installing a warning system if billing is blocked for the buildings concerned.

3- Addressees


4- Reason

Energy offer