Recommendation 16 of the 2015 Annual Report

Recommendation 16: “Better contract monitoring for buildings under FideloConso contracts”

1- Observation

Occupants/co-owners are unaware of their contractual position with regard to the FideloConso offer. For certain dwellings, occupants are not clearly identified for invoicing purposes. This can lead to bills being issued and backdated over several months, which can cause economic and relational difficulties for customers.

2- Recommendation

To fulfil the contractual obligations of the FideloConso and Vertuoz offer, the supplier must systematically inform the owner of the dwelling when the occupant has not sent in a signed assignment of payment, and issue reminders when the tenant fails to pay (collect payment from the tenant, inform the owner if this fails, and if that fails, inform the managing agent of its payment obligation). The supplier must keep records of these reminders.

3- Addressees


4- Reason

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