Recommendation 15 of the 2015 Annual Report

Recommendation 15: “Improve information intended for stakeholders (tenants and owners of dwellings, managing agents or landlords) regarding the FideloConso offer, and more particularly concerning their responsibilities”.

1- Observation

In mediation cases we have noted that the different stakeholders (tenants, owners, managing agents) affected by the FideloConso offer are unaware of its content, and particularly their obligations.

2- Recommendation

The supplier should regularly inform the different stakeholders (tenants, owners, managing agents) of their respective obligations, in a clear and instructional document (for instance, the managing agent or landlord must give ENGIE an up-to-date list of the occupants, the owner must inform his tenant of the specific features of the FideloConso offer, the owner must inform the managing agent of a change in tenant, etc.).

3- Addressees


4- Reason

Customer care, advice and guidance