Recommendation 13 of the 2015 Annual Report

Recommendation 13: “Improve the process of assessing the financial soundness of partners when contracts are renewed for membership of the ENGIE partners network, and provide customers with support if an ENGIE partner files for bankruptcy”

1- Observation

During energy efficiency works, the mediation team intervened to help customers seeking to complete the works and/or take up guarantees and after-sales department after the professional, a member of the ENGIE Partners network, has filed for bankruptcy.

2- Recommendation

In order to minimize the risk of filing for bankruptcy and thereby avoid certain customers experiencing a situation of abandonment, check the professional’s financial standing well in advance, even if ENGIE’s liability is not directly incurred in the execution of the works. Furthermore, through their guilds the professionals could set up solidarity funds to complete works in progress in customers’ homes and aborted due to economic difficulties or bankruptcy. In 2014, at the instigation of the Mediation team, ENGIE partner network’s management had already recorded the fact of helping to find solutions for customers experiencing such difficulties, which it did in 2015.

3- Addressee

ENGIE Particuliers-Partenaires

4- Reason

Energy equipment