What guarantees the Omubudsman’s independence?

The ENGIE Group’s Ombudsman acts in accordance with several things:

Firstly his legal status:

Then, his principles and operating rules:

The basic principles, the operating rules and values applied by any ombudsman:

  • a) he analyses the case in accordance with the law,
  • b) seeks the causes of disputes and determines the responsibilities of the parties,
  • c) proposes solutions he deems fair to bring the dispute to an end,
  • d) submits them to the parties to try and arrive at the one they will agree to and thereby settle the matter,
  • e) he does not take sides, either with the company or with the claimant.

His independence is thus effective, and confirmed. That is why he is on the list of consumption ombudsmen. He has also been notified to the European Commission.