My problem is similar to a case set out in the annual report. Why is the conclusion different?

Mediation is a personalized process that brings together two parties and the Ombudsman to examine the case, which is always a particular case. It is only after listening attentively to each party that the Ombudsman is in a position to propose a solution. The opinions stated by the Ombudsman do not constitute legal precedents.

Furthermore, the examples in the annual report are simplified and anonymous. They are provided more to present the types of dispute encountered than to set out possible solutions.

The ENGIE Group’s Ombudsman may also make general recommendations for the ENGIE Group’s business units, based on the mediation cases he has handled.

However, the Ombudsman and the mediation officer he has assigned to handle your case are attuned to your needs and prepared to take into consideration any new or additional factors you can provide to improve the proposed solution. And they will answer at your questions about the differences of treatment that you could have for you case.