Recommendation 9 of the 2018 Annual Report

Recommendation 9 : “Shorten the time taken to respond to requests for information from the ENGIE Group’s Mediation team”

0- Follow-up to the recommendation

ENEDIS has placed all regional divisions under observation. Professionalization measures aimed at staff handling complaints were taken in 2018 and these will continue in 2019. In 2019, the ENGIE Group’s Mediator has observed improvements in the time taken to respond to requests for information.

1- Observation

The “requests for information” (DE) made by the ENGIE Group’s Mediator are received by Enedis’s National Consumer Service and entered into its information system on an ongoing basis.
When a request for information is recorded by Enedis’s National Consumer Service, it passes it on immediately to the regional division concerned by the dispute.
The regional complaints department investigates the case and drafts an outline reply. This reply is approved by the regional management line and by Enedis’s National Consumer Service. The reply can then be sent on to the Mediator.
Enedis’s National Consumer Service is accountable for due fulfilment of these commitments.

2- Mediation solution

3- Generic observation

To analyse mediation cases, ENGIE Group’s Mediator sends requests for information to ENEDIS to enquire after their position on the dispute(s). But on many occasions in 2018, ENEDIS failed to meet the agreed deadlines for responding to such requests for information and enable the Mediation service to continue investigating cases. This can lead to delays in the treatment of mediation cases with respect to the obligations of the Consumer Code (complete the mediation process within 90 days of referral to the Mediator, unless the claimant agrees otherwise).

4- Recommendation / Generic solution

The ENGIE Group’s Mediation service recommends that ENEDIS shorten the time it takes to respond to requests for information concerning mediation cases to enable it to meet the regulatory deadlines stipulated in the Consumer Code.