Partnerships with law universities

The ENGIE Group’s Mediator lectures at several law universities, and offers modules of one to one and a half days devoted to raising awareness of mediation, its regulatory context and its operational practices, through case studies (anonymous). He participates in the Master 2 degree course in the law faculties (master in “consumer and competition affairs”, for instance) of several French universities.

Indeed, it is today’s students who help disseminate virtuous mediation practices in all economic sectors, a tendency we observed in 2016. If they become aware of the benefits of alternative dispute resolution during their studies, they will be the first to promote it in their occupational activity. Mediation will be another string to their “bow of alternative dispute resolution tools”


The partnership with the ENGIE Group’s Mediator and the universities is thus of 2 orders :

  • the Mediator contributes to the training of the student with sessions presenting Mediation. He does this at the universities of Nantes, Le Mans and Dijon. On request, he can also give lectures at extracurricular symposiums organized by certain universities, such as the symposium in Dijon on Consumption Mediation.
  • Receiving young students from these universities in the Mediation service for work placements or work-study programmes. The Mediator has for several years helped these young people discover business and vocational training by offering them work placements and apprenticeships with operational and high value-added assignments in his department.

For instance, he currently has a young doctoral student (Nantes) and a master on an apprenticeship (Dijon).