More about the Mediator

More about the Ombudsman

His past career

A mediator must possess skills in the field of mediation as well as solid legal knowledge, especially in the field of consumer affairs.

The Ombudsman’s past career has allowed him to benefit from extensive experience in the energy business and stakeholder relations. Moreover, in order to maintain his skills at the highest level, he regularly follows training courses on mediation, consumer law and consumer expectations, etc. Most of these courses are organised by the Club des Médiateurs de Services au Public (Public Service Ombudsmen’ Club).

Consult the Ombudsman’s training courses: IGPDE (Institute for Public Management and Economic Development) training on the fundamentals of Mediation, Law and Mediation training, Consumer Mediation training (January 2016)

His team

The Ombudsman has a multidisciplinary team made up of approximately ten people to deal with the requests and disputes received: individuals with customer service experience or legal knowledge, particularly consumer law.

This team reports directly to him and works exclusively and full-time for the Mediation service.

The Ombudsman also ensures that his team has and maintains the requisite skills. Certain members of the team, depending on their past career, have completed the same mediation training course as him, provided by the Club of Ombudsmen. Specific training courses are also organised and facilitated for the team alone: consumer expectations in May 2015 and February 2017, conflict management shortly, etc.

His training courses and interventions

The Ombudsman also regularly conducts training sessions on Consumer Mediation, particularly for the FENAMEF (National Federation of Mediation and Family Spaces):

See the certificate of 30 March 2016

See the certificate of 20 April 2016

See the certificate of 9 December 2016

The Ombudsman also works in French law faculties and on training courses in Consumer Mediation for Master II law students. In 2017, the Ombudsman notably gave lectures at the faculties of Le Mans, Dijon and Nantes.

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