The ENGIE Mediator and his team attend a training session called “how to properly handle an annoyed claimant”

19 Sep The ENGIE Mediator and his team attend a training session called “how to properly handle an annoyed claimant”

At the beginning of the summer, the ENGIE Group’s Mediator, as is his wont, wanted to organize a training session for all his team to develop their skills level.

This 2-day training session aimed to study in detail both the knowledge and the practice of the Mediator and his team regarding the typologies and expectations of claimants who contact them, and adapt the style of their own response to these expectations.

Because as the Mediation service necessarily deals with complex situations, at times tense and distressing for the claimants (because when they contact the Mediator, they have already had to lodge their complaint with a customer service, a consumer complaints department, etc.), the mediation officer may be assigned a case in which when reading the latter he perceives a degree of irritation on the part of the claimant, and thereby handle the first contact with tact.

The first day mainly focused on lending a sympathetic ear, on communication modes according to personality profiles, incorporating among other things the basics of non-violent communication.

The second day focused on conflict management, how to cope with and manage conflicts, and more particularly how to handle tense situations and exchanges.

During these 2 days the course, led by experienced trainer Dominique Martre from company Interagir, alternated theory with practical exercises and case simulations.

Beyond consolidating knowledge, this training also helped promote better exchanges of information and sharing of good practices between the different mediation officers and the Mediator himself.

Furthermore it helped reassure the mediation officers about the fact that tools exist to guarantee that an exchange of views goes smoothly and is fruitful, even if the other person is furious. It should however be noted thankfully that, despite the difficulty of the situations they handle, most of the exchanges with claimants goes quite smoothly; the latter fully understand that the Mediator, by virtue of his independence, is there to find a solution and is thus not responsible for their difficulties.

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