Partnerships with consumer organizations

Partnerships with consumer organizations

The Mediator has maintained active relations with consumer organizations since the launch of the ENGIE Group’s Mediation service in 1999.


He meets them 3 times a year. These meetings are an opportunity to exchange views about changes in consumption mediation in general, about the ENGIE Group’s mediation process in particular, and also about consumer expectations and the most common disputes with ENGIE Group companies.


The opinion of consumer organizations is very important for the Mediator. Their views enable him to compare his conception of the needs of consumers, perceived only through the requests he receives, with the wider insight provided by the organizations representing them.


List of approves consumer organizations


The European Consumer Centre

The European Consumer Centre is a Franco-German association providing consumers with information and advice. Since 2005, the association houses among others the European Consumer Centres (ECC) for France and Germany, member of the ECC-Net network. The main mission of the ECCs, set up and co-funded by the European Commission and the Member States, is to provide EU consumers with information and assistance.


The ECC-Net network comprises 30 national centres Europe-wide, as well as Norway and Iceland.


The European Consumer Centre for France (ECC) assists French consumers who have cross-border disputes with professionals based in the EU.


The remit of the ECC France is to develop consumer trust in the European market. It consists in:


1- Informing consumers about current community and national legislation, through various different brochures and articles and on the web site:

2- assisting consumers having cross-border disputes,

3- observing the European market by passing on consumer complaints to the European Commission and national and European bodies.

4- promoting mediation.

The European Consumer Centre for France is located at Bahnhofsplatz 3, 77694 Kehl, Germany.


It can be contacted at:


Tel.: (0049) 7851.991.48.0 or


0 820 200 999 (0.12 EUR per minute)


Fax: (0049) 7851.991.48.11




Web site:


Centre_CEC-min (1)






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