The criteria for the independence of the Mediator

The criteria for the independence of the Mediator

Autonomous budget

The Mediator has no subordination relationship within ENGIE. Every year, the Mediator has a budget that gives him the means to carry out his mission independently, as provided for in the French Consumer Code. This budget is allocated by the Group’s General Management. The budget is not conditional upon any targets or outcomes of completed mediation processes. Neither is he bound by any cyclical decisions made by the Group. For example, in 2015, his budget increased compared to the previous year, to respond to the growth in his activity.

Dedicated team

In order to optimise processing of the applications he receives and the disputes referred to him, the Mediator can call on a multidisciplinary team of around ten people: experience in customer relations, legal skills, especially consumer law, etc.

This team reports directly to him and works exclusively and full-time for the Mediation service.

The Mediator also ensures that his team has the necessary skills and maintains them. Certain members of the team, depending on their past career, have completed the same mediation training course as him, provided by the Club of Mediators. Specific training courses are also organised and provided for the team alone: consumer expectations, conflict management, etc.


In accordance with the French Consumer Code, his 5-year mandate is renewable. His mandate is unrelated to Group developments, management changes, if any, and the outcomes of his work. Furthermore, he is forbidden from working again for any of the Group’s companies when his mandate ends.