Since the creation of his web site, the ENGIE Group’s Mediator has been increasingly contacted through this channel

19 Sep Since the creation of his web site, the ENGIE Group’s Mediator has been increasingly contacted through this channel

Jean-Pierre Hervé, the ENGIE Group’s Mediator, was appointed on 1st July 2014. When he arrived he took on a number of projects to improve his internal processes and the treatment of referrals submitted to him, both to meet the requirements that Consumer Code imposes on an independent approved consumption mediator and to satisfy more claimants.

At the end of 2015, he launched his own web site with an online complaint form, and urged all ENGIE Group entities to communicate about this referral channel with their customers (in their bills, contracts, letters of reply to complaints, etc.).

The introduction and promotion of this option to refer complaints to the Mediator online also matched changes in complainants’ habits. Because generally speaking people are increasingly accustomed to being able to contact companies, public services, etc. via an online form. So it seemed necessary that the Mediator could offer an effective online service.

Thanks to these actions aimed at meeting claimants’ expectations, the latter have gradually got used to referring their complaints to the ENGIE Group’s Mediator via the online form rather than by post.


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The benefits of using the internet:

For claimants, the Internet offers several benefits:

  • It is easy: a few boxes to fill in with their contact details, and documents to attach,
  • It is quick: the Mediator immediately receives the complaint when the claimant confirms the form, no postal lead time,
  • It is safe: no risk of the letter getting lost or being sent to the wrong address…
  • It is free of charge: no need to pay for a stamp or even a recorded delivery.

For the Mediator, the Internet also represents the advantage of simpler contacts with claimants when requesting further information, and faster handling of complaints.

The Mediator is delighted that his past and ongoing initiatives enabling claimants to contact him via his online form are bearing fruit and that by using it claimants endorse this method put at their disposal.

From the end of 2017, there are plans to improve the form, in order to avoid “premature” referrals (which do not qualify for mediation), by stating the mediation admissibility conditions on the form page.


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