The satisfaction of claimants who have referred their cases to the ENGIE Group’s Mediation service

26 Apr The satisfaction of claimants who have referred their cases to the ENGIE Group’s Mediation service

The ENGIE Group’s Mediator is keen to present you a preview of the key figures of 2016 on satisfied claimants who have referred their disputes to him. These figures are also set out in the Mediator’s 2016 annual report, which should be available online shortly.



75% of complainants are satisfied with the Mediator’s intervention (against 70% in 2015). The Mediator is delighted with the higher rate of satisfied claimants in 2016, in a general context where claimants are becoming more demanding.



85% of BtoC opinions (individual consumers) given by the Mediation service in 2016 were accepted by the parties, definitively settling the disputes (against 81% in 2015). 223 solutions proposed by the Mediator were accepted.



82% of claimant respondents recommend the ENGIE Group’s Mediator.


  • Reminder of the context


As every year, the Mediator is keen to question claimants who referred their dispute to him. It is worth noting in 2016 the ENGIE Group’s Mediation service received 3,093 requests, 19.5% more than in 2015 (2,588).

When a request does not qualify for mediation, it is transferred to the entity concerned and followed up unit a response is sent to the claimant. It is worth noting that 339 of them qualified for mediation and were processed (93% of which (317) were submitted by individual consumers).


  • Survey response rate


51.6% of the respondents agreed to answer the Mediation questionnaire i 2016 (against 34% in 2015), making a total of 740 responses out of the 1,531 questionnaires sent out.


  • Visibility of the Mediator


In 2016, 37% of claimants found out about the Mediator on the Internet (against 16% in 2015). The visibility of the ENGIE Group’s Mediator has improved, more particularly further to the onlining of his web site, independent, thereby facilitating the claimant’s procedure for submitting their case to the Mediator.


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