Treatment of a complaint

The process of mediation between an individual consumer and ENGIE is circumscribed and specified by the Consumer Code, which since August 2015, pursuant to a 2013 European directive known as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), stipulates that a company must offer its customers the option of mediation free of charge. This framework has above all defined exhaustive criteria for nominating an independent mediator paid exclusively by a company.


The ENGIE Group has also opted to promote mediation on other markets, like BtoB, between companies, or between a supplier and ENGIE. Because there too, in most cases amicable solution can be found swiftly through mediation, compared with the time scales observed in legal proceedings.


The Mediation service has thus set up 2 processes that handle mediation cases on each market in the most appropriate and effective manner.


The mediation process if you are a consumer


The mediation process if you are a company

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