Satisfaction of the claimants

Whether he referred the complaint to the department concerned or dealt with it in mediation, the Mediator wants to ascertain:

That all the disputes have been dealt with
by the consumer service, and have been resolved,
from the point of view of the claimant.

That the latter is satisfied

with the way their case

has been handled in Medication case.

To that end, he sends a satisfaction survey.

After the mediation process, assessing the satisfaction of the parties, the claimants in particular, is of the utmost importance for the Mediator, as it enables him to constantly progress and to improve his processes. And this survey is also sent to complainants whose inadmissible case has been referred to the Consumer Service of the entity in dispute.

That is why each claimant receives a satisfaction survey from the Mediator after receiving a written answer to their complaint.


This survey is administered by e-mail or by telephone.


For telephone surveys, and to guarantee the impartiality of the answers provided, the Mediator wished to outsource them. After an invitation to tender, he selected a call centre based in the North of France, which also met the Corporate Social Responsibility criteria that are dear to him.


When the complaint is handled directly by the highest level of complaints handling in the company, for instance the Consumer Service of the entity concerned (for inadmissible cases), the survey aims to:

ensure that the claimant has indeed received an answer,

that the said answer is satisfactory. Otherwise the complainant is reminded of the possible recourse options (mediation) if dissatisfied with the answer provided by the ENGIE entity.


For claimants whose complaint qualifies for mediation, a more comprehensive satisfaction survey is also conducted.

To that end, the Mediator has entered into a partnership with the University of Lyon 3 – IAE and works with professor William Sabadie.

This survey is carried out in 3 stages.


1. An initial survey is sent to the claimants as soon as it has been confirmed that their complaint qualifies for mediation, even before a mediation officer has made the 1st contact;
this survey aims to determine the state of mind of the claimant and their expectations of the mediation process.


2. The second survey is sent at the end of the mediation process;
It aims to measure the claimant’s satisfaction with regard to the mediator’s work and the solution he has proposed to resolve the dispute.


3. The 3rd and last survey is sent after the Mediator has finished dealing with the dispute, once the proposed mediation solution has been implemented by the parties.
This survey endeavours to measure more precisely what aspects of the treatment of the case satisfied or displeased the claimant: the processing time, the professionalism of the mediation officer, the solution proposed by the Mediator…
If the claimant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the mediation process, their recourse options are reiterated (the claimant’s rights are also reiterated in writing, along with the proposed solution – by post or e-mail – as provided for by the Consumer Code).


These 3 surveys are exclusively administered by e-mail.


The claimants’ responses to these 3 surveys are assessed by professor Sabadie and his team. The findings of the survey are thus guaranteed in terms of reliability and neutrality.

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