Mediation, a win-win process

Mediation, a win-win process

After analysis of each of the requests addressed to him, the Mediator proposes a fair and legal solution, which the parties are free to accept or refuse. The various disputes that he analyses also enable him to draw up recommendations to the ENGIE entities concerned, aimed at improving the handling of requests, processes and services offered to customers.

It should be remembered that issuing recommendations is part of the Mediator’s regulatory obligations when he identifies recurring issues. All the recommendations have been implemented in the entities concerned.

Followed by business customers, who represented 4.6% of requests for mediation. This proportion is explained by the fact that the ENGIE Group has several million domestic customers in France

Since 2009, the Mediation team has conducted a survey of applicants to measure their satisfaction with the handling of their mediation. The goal is above all to collect information allowing the mediation process to be improved.

The solutions have all been implemented. The Mediation team works actively to ensure that the parties reach a fair and legal agreement, and monitors their implementation.

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