Mediation at a glance

Mediation at a glance

The Group’s Mediation process guarantees fast and personalised processing of each request, thanks to a single point of contact, through to implementation of the fair and legal solution proposed by the Mediator

ENGIE Group’s Mediation regularly raises its profile to enable consumers to exercise their rights. Mediation is referenced on suppliers’ websites, on energy contracts, on bills, on footers in responses to suppliers’ complaints, and, of course, thanks to the Mediator’s website

Rise in the number of cases handled in mediation


The solutions have all been implemented. The Mediation team works actively to ensure that the parties reach a fair and legal agreement. And it monitors their implementation.

This time scale is to be compared with the lengthy one of a court case.

This was twice as many as in 2016. Many requests arrive too early: the eligibility criteria defined in the French Consumer Code are strict: applicants must have first contacted the complaints services of the ENGIE company, in accordance with the provisions of their contract. Mediation is not intended to replace customer services: it is a last resort.

Making an application online permits faster processing, and gives you access to an online account to monitor progress of your case. Each complainant also benefits from personalised support by telephone throughout the Mediation process, as part of an explanatory approach.

Trend in the percentage of referrals via the online form


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