The AGBAR Mediator and Director General meet the ENGIE Group Mediator and some of his team.

27 May The AGBAR Mediator and Director General meet the ENGIE Group Mediator and some of his team.

The Agua de Barcelona Mediator (AGBAR – now Suez Spain) was created 5 years ago with the aid of the ENGIE Group mediation team: the 2 mediators and their teams have collaborated closely, and through their regular sharing of good practices this has enabled the AGBAR Mediation team to set up a scheme now recognized in the company that is beginning to be emulated in the rest of the SUEZ Group.

On Thursday 21 May last, Lluis Martinez Camps, AGBAR Mediator (Customer Counsel) and Sergi Sanchis, Director General, met the ENGIE Group Mediator, as more or less every year since this company mediation entity was created.

The purpose of this meeting was to continue sharing good practices, more particularly in connection with AGBAR‘s anticipated preparation of the future transposition of the European ADR directive of 2013 into Spanish law.

This working day was very fruitful yet also very informal. It enabled the AGBAR Mediator to be informed of:

For his part, during these exchanges the ENGIE Group Mediator found out about:

  • the AGBAR Mediator‘s strategy of relations with his stakeholders:
  • the elected representatives of the different territories covered by the company and thus by its Mediation team
  • how the local services of the General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control work; in Spain, the consumer service is regional, not national,
  • consumer organizations…
  • the development strategy for company mediation in Catalonia: drawing inspiration in part form the ENGIE Group Mediator, the AGBAR Mediator has contacted and held meetings to share practices with the Mediators of other local firms: the Mediator of Telefonica, the Mediator of Santander Bank, the Mediator of the Barcelona Football Club
  • the way in which the AGBAR mediation team handles the follow-up of the recommendations it makes, every year, in its annual report, to the Group’s companies.
  • the mediation development plan, led by the AGBAR Mediator, in Suez subsidiaries in South America.

The day ended with the promise of further and more regular meetings using more modern methods (videoconference) to enable more frequent sharing focusing on specific topics. At the very least the forthcoming meetings will focus on development methods and tips for a web site.

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