The ENGIE Mediation complies with the order of August 20th 2015

28 Oct The ENGIE Mediation complies with the order of August 20th 2015


I have followed with a great attention the transposition of the Directive on Alternative Dispute Resolution (2013). The Order of August 20th 2015 confirms the entry of the “Consumer Mediation” in the French law and defines company mediation. A decree will soon be promoted in order to detail more precisely this notion.

I was quite satisfied with this text setting the required guaranties in order to ensure consumers an access to an effective, independent and qualitative alternative dispute resolution.As the Mediator of the ENGIE Group, I pay a close attention to the fact that our work as Company Mediation, completed for more than 16 years with the stakeholders, is consistent with those new requirements.

I have noted that the terms and conditions to access ENGIE Mediation are coherent with the order, especially about gratuity, online accessibility through a dedicated website and the processing time.

Besides, the way real mediation cases are described in the Annual report respects the confidentiality requirement.

I have also observed that the branches organized an information system dedicated to consumers (regarding their contract and their bills for instance) and that the Group’s Mediation is better known. The number of files in Mediation has indeed increased about 300% between 2013 and 2014.That is why we shall pursue our hard work. We can still develop our communication on our actions, process and procedures. In consequence, I commit myself to make even more reachable and understandable those elements on the future, independent, website, of the ENGIE Mediation. This website, under construction, will be online at the beginning of December and will replace the actual one.

Furthermore, my independence, which is a fundamental aspect of my work, is confirmed on the one hand by the commitment of Gerard MESTRALLET, CEO of ENGIE, exposed in the 2014 Annual report editorial, and, on the other hand, by the autonomy of my budget (+10% in 2015). Also, the high customer satisfaction contributes to the reliability of the Mediation. Indeed, in 2014, 92% of the consumers have accepted the solution and only one file went to court because the plaintiff refuses the solution…the judge followed exactly the recommendation proposed by the Mediation. A new customer satisfaction survey has been launched this year to ensure the continual improvement of the work done.

Finally, I think the strong relationship built with consumer associations testifies the credibility of the work of ENGIE Mediation and also contributes to the continual improvement of the Mediation.

Besides, even if my appointment has been approved by consumer associations, ENGIE will soon set up a collegial body in conformity with the requirements fixed by the future decree and the French administration in charge of consumption and competition issues. (DGCCRF)

Thanks to my experience in the field of consumption, I have acquired a strong knowledge of the law and its application which enables me to propose Mediation solutions according to law and equity. However, as I feel necessary to perfect my knowledge, I have chosen to participate, last year, to a general training about Mediation and this year, I attended a course about Law and Mediation. Those trainings were set up by the French Club of the Mediators of Services to the Public. Moreover, in order to provide a quality work, notably on the juridical aspect, there are two legal experts presently working in the Mediation team : one is specialized in consumption law and the other one is preparing the bar exam.

Last, I took the opportunity of this analysis to present the new charter of the Mediation which reinforces each of the previously presented commitments.

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