Independence and powers of the Mediator

Independence and powers of the Mediator

The independence of the Mediator

The ENGIE Mediation function is an independent entity, registered on the list of consumption mediators. The Mediator has been notified to the European Commission.

ENGIE Group’s Mediation does not depend on any operational or commercial structure within the Group. ENGIE Group’s Mediation acts independently and impartially with respect to the parties involved in the disputes it handles.

Criteria for the independence of the Mediator

In accordance with the provisions of the Order of 21 August 2015, on methods for out-of-court dispute resolution, the ENGIE Group’s Mediation function meets the following criteria:

  • The Mediator has no subordination relationship within ENGIE.
  • Renewable and irrevocable 5-year mandate
  • team dedicated to Mediation,
  • autonomous budget,
  • without any subordination with the company.

ENGIE Group’s Mediation also respects the Mediation Charter of the Club des Médiateurs de Services au Public (Club of Public Service Mediators).

The Mediator’s skills

The Mediator, Jean-Pierre HERVE, has been accredited as a Consumption Mediator by the CECM (Commission for Evaluation and Control of Mediation) and is registered on the European list of consumption mediators.

His professional background means he has extensive experience of the energy business and stakeholder relations.

To maintain his skills at the highest level, he regularly follows training on mediation, consumer law and consumer expectations, etc.

What is the scope of the Mediator’s remit?

The remit of the ENGIE Group’s Mediator covers the amicable settlement of disputes involving all types of stakeholders with the ENGIE Group and its entities and subsidiaries, for all types of energy or services:





The customers concerned may be individuals, companies, local authorities, institutions, public departments, landlords, co-owner associations, etc.

The remit of the ENGIE Group’s Mediator covers all the Group’s business lines and its subsidiaries:

the sale and distribution of all energy sources that are traded, including renewable energy sources (solar, etc.)

pre-sales, sale and management of services provided

including energy efficiency services, energy self-supply services, facility management (services provided to business customers and local authorities for themselves and their customers in different areas, which are not always directly related to energy - the cleaning of premises, minor repairs, etc.)

various consulting and expert services

You can consult the list of the Group companies that have chosen the ENGIE Group’s Mediator by clicking on this link