Eligibility of a complaint

All matters referred to the Mediator are studied to ascertain whether or not they qualify for mediation.

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All complaints must be referred to the ENGIE Mediator either by letter or by filling in the Internet form. They are analysed to:


 check whether the dispute indeed concerns an ENGIE Group entity; otherwise, the claimants are so informed and if they agree their complaint is referred on, whenever possible, to the mediator concerned,


 check whether all the  eligibility conditions stipulated by the Consumer Code (article L 612-2) have been met. In particular, whether the claimant has indeed contacted the appropriate department in the company or ENGIE Group entity concerned, as provided for by the contract between the customer and the entity.


check whether the claimant had indeed received an answer to their complaint from the said company or entity. Please note that if no answer is forthcoming within 2 months of the written complaint, and in accordance with the complaints handling procedure set out in the contract, the claimant’s case qualifies for ENGIE Group’s mediation.


When the claimant has not directly contacted the company concerned, before referring the matter on to the Mediator, the said company forwards the complaint to the relevant department and informs the claimant of the procedure that will be followed to handle their complaint:


1the company will respond,

2if this response is not deemed satisfactory, the claimant may refer the matter either to the higher body handling complaints in the company in question, as stipulated in the contract if it exists, or possibly refer it to Mediation (either by post or in the Internet form). This possible higher body and its contact details will then be mentioned in the answer.

For the record, as stated in article L. 612-2 of the Consumer Code, only the following complaints can qualify for mediation:


those for which the customer cannot prove they have first referred their dispute directly to the company or department concerned in the Group in the form of a written complaint, as provided for where applicable by the contract,
In which case, the Mediator refers the complaint on to the appropriate department. If no answer is forthcoming after 2 months, the case qualifies for ENGIE Group’s mediation, if the claimant so requests,


those that are patently groundless or unreasonable,


those that have already been handled or are currently being handled by another mediator, in particular the National Energy Ombudsman,


those for which over a year has elapsed since the last complaint was made to the supplier;


those have been or are currently being handled by a court,


those that fall outside the Mediator’s remit,

In such cases, he refers them on to the appropriate mediator and so informs the customer.

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