Partnership of the group mediation’s service with the company KPAM

Partnership of the group mediation's service with the company KPAM

The ENGIE Group’s mediation department attaches the greatest importance to the initial reception of claimants. It needs to be more receptive to their expectations, where relevant understand their feeling of helplessness, and handle as best it can any legitimate aggressiveness displayed by some of them after failing to get a hearing from the company. To that end, before doing any work on the dispute itself, the Mediator’s teams present the values of mediation, the process that will be followed, and evidence of the Mediator’s independence and impartiality, with a view to appeasing relations and creating a bond of trust. To that end, the Mediator wishes to maintain a high level of initial and in-service training for each member of his team.


With that in mind he has called in Mr Laurent Garnier from company KP/AM, who also takes part in the training course run by IGPDE on behalf of the Public Service Mediators’ Club, of which the ENGIE Group’s Mediator is a member, as well as a member of its Committee and Chairman of the editorial board of the Club’s web site.


They have jointly set up and deployed a training course for newly-hired staff in the Mediator’s team to better comprehend consumer expectations, understand how they are changing, with a view to adapting their stance and the style and substance of their interaction with claimants. The ENGIE Group’s Mediator has indeed set himself the goal of achieving the best possible agreement i each mediation case between the parties to a dispute. The quality of the initial training is thus of paramount importance.


Roughly one half-yearly session is organized.

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