Recommendation 10: “Individualized heating costs offer (IFC) ”

Recommendation 10: “Individualized heating costs offer (IFC) ”

Tracking of the implementation of the recommendation : The three following recommendations have been gradually implemented during the first semester of 2017.

1.“VGR, FideloConso and Vertuoz Habitat – the supplier’s duty to inform”

Observation: Given the multiplicity of parties this offer concerns (occupant, owner and managing agent), the supplier must keep them regularly informed of their obligations by means of clear and educational documents

Recommendation: Inform all the parties to the contract of their obligations: commonhold managing agents in a mailshot, and occupants (owners or tenants) in a fact sheet attached to their bills. Furthermore, the ENGIE E&C site should features a section that provided information about this offer.

Reason: Customer care, advice and guidance.

2.“Customer relations follow-up”

Observation: Tenants are unaware of their contractual position in respect of the FideloConso offer, which raises contractual and billing problems.

Recommendation: To fulfil the contractual obligations of the IFC offer, the supplier must systematically inform the owner of the dwelling when the occupant has not sent in a signed assignment of payment, and issue reminders when the tenant fails to pay (collect payment from the tenant, inform the owner if this fails, and if that fails, inform the managing agent of his payment obligation). The supplier must keep records of these reminders

Reason: Customer care, advice and guidance

3.“Malfunctioning billing of the offer”

Observation: Develop consumer adviser alerts in cases where FideloConso and Vertuoz Habitat bills are issued irregularly.

Recommendation: To meet the contractual obligation of the offer (regular billing), the supplier must improve its customer billing process by ensuring that more reliable information is exchanged between two billing operators (Teksial and Ecometering) and by installing a warning system if billing is blocked for the buildings concerned.

Reason: Billing & consumption

4.“Improvement of customer relations”

Observation: Take appropriate commercial measures if the automated meter reading service fails for the FideloConso offer.

Recommendation: ENGIE E&C must regularize the situation and restore the automated meter reading service, either by installing appropriate meters at the expense of the landlord or managing agent, or by cancelling the FideloConso contract with the landlord or managing agent on the grounds that the service can no longer be provided.

Reason: Customer care, advice and guidance


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