A guide to mediation published by MEDEF for its members

02 Oct A guide to mediation published by MEDEF for its members

Since the publication of the order of 20 August 2015, when buying goods or services in whatever manner, the consumer must be notified by the professional of the contact details of a mediator that he can contact free of charge In the event of a protracted dispute.

MEDEF wished to support the widespread implementation of “consumption mediation”, in operation since the beginning of 2016, by giving its members precise information about the mediation process and the obligations incumbent on them.



That is why the professional organization decided to publish a guide providing answers to the main questions its members may have. The ENGIE Group’s mediator was able to contribute by asserting the benefits of so-called “corporate”, which is independent as provided for the Directive and by regulations.


This guide is structured in 6 parts:

  • what is consumption mediation? choosing a consumption mediator,
  • information provided to consumers by professionals, consumers submitting their case to the consumption mediator,
  • the consumption mediation process,
  • the solution proposed by the consumption mediator.


In each part, the guide endeavours to present all the topics about which professionals may have questions.

The answers it provides enables them to organize themselves to bring themselves into compliance with regulations (appoint a mediator, inform their customers of their chosen mediator, etc.).


At the end of the guide, several mediators give their own accounts, including the ENGIE Group’s Mediator. In it he recalls the benefits of independent, local mediation, a driver of progress for a company, and indirectly serving high standards of customer care.

“It is important to explain the importance of mediation to professionals: it is not an entity that highlights difficulties, but rather a free, structured and particularly effective process that contributes to a company’s improvement/quality process. It is by informing them that they will understand the issues and the added value that consumption mediation can bring to their customer relations. ”


To consult the guide: http://www.medef.com/fr/content/guide-pratique-la-mediation-de-la-consommation.


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